Jack Dempseys are one of the easiest in their order to get to procreate. They will first chew up the food and then release it into the young’s mouth for consumption. A lone Jack Dempsey can be kept in a 30-… This fish is always very interested in the outside world; he likes to follow you from each side of his 55 gallon tank to the other to see what you were doing. Jack Dempsey Fish Tank Size: Jack Dempsey Fish often sold as an infant measuring only 2 to 3 inches (6 to 8 cms) and kept in a display tank together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sagittaria is a great species that seems to well serve this purpose. Male size is up to 21 cm long (8.27 inch), the female is up to 17 cm long (6.69 inch). The larvae start feeding on their own about 4 days later. So, they need a tank that’s at least 80 gallons. It inhabits all around from the Ulua river (Honduras) to the Papaloapan river (South of Mexico). Subfamily: Cichlasomatinae 7. They are colorful and active, but … Jack Dempsey Fish – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts) Read More » There are some eyespots on the body sides and tail, which are rather clearly seen on juvenile’s body and barely seen on the adult body. The species has got Rocio name by the name of its describer’s wife; in Spanish “rocio” means “dew” and indicates the presence of sparklet-spots in the coloring. If you don’t have a flat rock or log, a cleared area on the tank’s bottom glass will do just fine. Learning about Jack Dempsey Fish Care can help your fish. Named after the famed American World Heavyweight Champion boxer, these fish belong to the cichlid order. In fact, this species aggressiveness to a large extent depends on the tank size. Female is colored less brightly. Jack Dempsey cichlid perform pare spawning on a substrate. This Jack Dempsey fish measured 7inches long and he is about 6 years old. Specifically, the South American Cichlid. Jack Dempseys don’t like a lot of direct light, so the more coverage, the better. Viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases like furunculosis – a deadly serious septicemic plague that is highly contagious – are all known potential dangers to your fish. You’ll need to move them around accordingly. The female may get angry with the male one because he is taking care of the hatch too eagerly or he is guarding the territory not thoroughly enough. They may like it at first. Red Tail Shark Complete Care Guide: Is This Fish Right For Your Tank? From hearsay this unusual kind of Rocio octofasciata is considered to appear as a result of breeding with some other cichlid species, just like flowerhorn appeared. Welcome. A filter will serve this purpose nicely. They are a smaller, less hostile, and all-around friendlier fish when compared to standard Jack Dempseys. Juveniles have stripes on their bodies, but they aren’t very clear and there are more than eight of them, usually it’s ten or even eleven. If the dominating female shows aggression and tries to hustle away other female, it’s better to take her away from the tank, because there are high chances that the male will have to choose her. Their bodies are more oval-shaped with pointy fins. Currently I have 1 large male with a Red Devil Cichlid of the same size, a Deboise about 4", 2 Jewels about 3" and some cats in a 120 gallon tank. Be sure to add in some live meaty foods, too. In your home, however, any kind of flake or pellet food should do the job. Be prepared to give them a lot of attention throughout their beginning stages of life should you decide to breed them. This approach is obviously the optimal one in the context of minimization of conflicts inside the couple, since predeterminedly smaller and younger female has more mild nature and behaves correspondingly. You get a bag of about 100 minnows. Keeping the couple for 3-6 month together and then for 1.5-3 month or more apart, is considered to be ok if you keep couple in a small tank (in a big tank the female just swims to its other side and usually the male doesn’t chase her). They are a blast to watch burrow into the sand or hide inside of cave-like decorations. With proper care, the life expectancy of Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is 10 years. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an aggressive fish that get’s on well with other cichlid species while it’s young, but as the fish grows it becomes more and more aggressive, so then it’s desirable to keep it without any other tank mates or only with large fishes. Once you have moved an aggressive Jack Dempsey to another fish tank, be sure to give your single fish the same level of care that you would give to a group. This will avoid such aggressive and problematic behavior. Such variation of fish is much more seldom seen, since to obtain it you have to be good at genetics and some bright colored and high-quality breeders are required for this. At the same time, you’ll need to leave plenty of room for your fish to swim. Sep 18, 2012 292 17 33 38 NJ. But the Electric Blue and Electric Pink variations do not grow as large and are not as ornery, so they are better aquarium fish in most cases. Feb 13, 2014 #1 Mine is just over 7" now how much more length should I expect out if her? Jack Dempsey ( Cichlasoma octofasciatum ) This fish is named after the former heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Dempsey. Reaching their true coloration and design can take well over a year. Bacterial kidney disease, coldwater disease, vibriosis, and enteric redmouth disease are all concerns that you’ll need to monitor. Tank size capacity should start from 100 liters (26,42 gallons) for a couple of adult fish. It is stocky and compact in shape but can grow to almost 10 inches (25 cm) in length. In the wild, Jack Dempseys live on a diet of worms, insects, shrimp, and even other fish. Body coloring is olive-drab and when the fish is angry or during its spawning period it gets much darker and becomes almost black. This fish can attain a considerable size of up to 8 inches (20 cm), so most ornamental invertebrates will eventually be considered prey. It’s certainly fine to feed them their preferred staple of worms and shrimp, but only partially. You will generally be replacing 15 to 20% of your tank’s water volume. If you are going to keep them in groups, ensure that you have plenty of crevices for each one to inhabit. This fish is also known to be boisterous and tough fish. They will require a lot of moving around initially. As fish that like to stay busy, you can expect a lot of activity in your tank. Jack Dempsey Fish for Sale A large ornery Central American Cichlid. Size of Jack Dempsey Fish One of the largest Cichlids in the wild, the Jack Dempsey fish can grow up to 8-10” (20-25 cm). But once they get settled into their permanent home, your Jack Dempseys can enjoy a long and comfortable life. Jack Dempseys are native to Central America, Guatemala, Honduras, North America, and Yucatan. AFC was designed and made with fish keepers like you and me in mind. Another difference, but it’s not a 100% hall-mark, is the presence of cyan spots on bottom side of the female opercles, which the male doesn’t have. You shouldn’t keep with any small fishes, since they’ll be eventually eaten, though fish isn’t a complete predator. Size: Grows to 12" How many to buy: Juveniles can be purchased in groups of similar sized … All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. When born, they start out as a light gray or tan color with turquoise flecks. The Jack Dempsey is an omnivorous fish species, thus should be fed a variety of foods including both meaty and vegetable based foods. When the fish “teens” are kept together in one tank they create couples themselves. Since becoming aquarium-kept fish in recent years, different color variations have been captive-bred. You should treat all of these with boiling water first before giving them to the fish. Water needs added this often to counter the problems caused by natural evaporation. These types like to burrow, so make sure that their tank has a lot of fine, deep sand. Rocio octofasciata male size is up to 21 cm long (8.27 inch), the female fish is up to 17 cm long (6.69 inch).However, in the wild the male fish isn’t more than 12-15 cm long (4,72-5,91 inch).Jack Dempsey fish body coloring is olive-drab and when the fish is angry or during its spawning period it gets much darker and becomes almost black. Each fish needs at least 55 gallons of water. However, in the wild the male isn’t more than 12-15 cm long (4,72-5,91 inch). It naturally inhabits warm, sluggish waters, feeding on worms, crustaceans, insects and fish. When they become aggressive their coloring gets darker, then the female juveniles have. It is a very colorful , hardy, and aggressive fish. Discerning between sexes is simple. If you can control them properly, you can maintain a beautiful tank of Jack Dempsey fish. In comparison with classical fish, blue morf has bright cyan coloring, it has smaller body and it is less aggressive. Feeding is simple for the unfussy Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid. Class: Actinopterygii 4. In this picture he was in a very good mood. But an Electric Blue can be closer to $20. This will accommodate one Jack Dempsey. Because of the fish congenital aggressiveness towards its tank mates the USA aquarists have called it Jack Dempsey by the name of the popular professional boxer. Meanwhile, provided with proper care lifespan in a tank is about 7-10 years and more. You get a bag of about 100 minnows. Central and South American Cichlids. Don’t let this confuse you and decide that the fish has eaten their eggs. Hello fellow aquatics enthusiasts! The Complete Rainbow Shark Care Guide 2020: Size, Tank Mates, Feeding and Breeding. It’s recommended to keep mature, bonded pairs together, where they will form family units with their offspring. The Jack Dempsey Rocio octofasciata (previously Cichlasoma octofasciatum) is a large and magnificently colored South American Cichlid. Feed the fish once a day to avoid overfeeding. Some males will also develop a black round spot at either the middle of their body or the base of the tail. Here is the Omega one Cichlid pellets I mentioned. Since becoming aquarium-kept fish in recent years, different color variations have been captive-bred. This will assure that your fish and other aquatic creatures live a long and healthy life while in your care. We’re always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. Rocio octofasciata, earlier called Cichlasoma octofasciatum) is a widely spread tank fish within North and Central America. Rocio octofasciata is a middle-sized Cichlasoma species. Like their namesake, Jack Dempseys have strong facial features and a rather aggressive demeanor. They are smaller in the wild than they are in the home aquarium They have a lifespan of 10-15 years. In small tanks (up to 250 liters or 66,04 gallons) an adult couple, as a rule, can’t stand any tank mates around, unless it be some catfish or very small fish and juveniles. A quick video of how to care for Jack Dempsey cichlid fish with tips on breeding, diet, aggression, size, and tank mates. We offer in-depth insight into all of your fishkeeping questions, needs, and concerns about freshwater, brackish, and saltwater fish. A moderate to normal lighting level works the best. If you wish to keep more than one Jack Dempsey, do so in large groups; never keep them in pairs. Color varies wildly among their species. When kept with other Jack Dempseys and cichlids, they run the risk of getting bitten or eaten in their later stages. The Jack Dempsey fish’s stunning color array makes it a top selection for aquarium owners. Jack Dempseys live among temperatures as high as 86 °F in the wild. Forced formation of the couple may be rather troublesome, since males are rather demanding in this respect. Therefore, we can consider water temperature 26–27 °C (78,8-80,6 F) as optimal one for fish. In this case the fish hides their eggs several times a day from one pit to another. This variety is slightly smaller and less aggressive. Cichlids do better when provided with plenty of space and compatible fish with which to swim. Using a gravel cleaner will help exponentially during the cleaning process. Therefore, if there’s no other fish in the spawning tank – there’s no need to protect it. Moreover, Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE) is another common disease that is the result of poor tank maintenance. Then you will know exactly what to look for in the event that your fish is susceptible to them. Fish are beautiful additions to any room. In the healthiest of environments, some have even made it to 15! Also different in males are bright red edgings along their fins. When the water temperature becomes lower than 24 °C (75,2 F) the fish tends to stay close to the heater. It’s quite simple to take care of cichlid, since it’s not demanding, so it can be kept by the beginners. You may keep them together at first. Once you get the hang of how they need attended to, Jack Dempseys will provide your aquarium with thriving splendor. Their colors, under stress, change. They are also very protective. Since they are prone to changing, you can’t expect your new purchase to remain in its current state. Also the fish isolation from each other is a way to decrease the number of their spawning, since doing it too often isn’t healthy for the fish, especially for female. Plenty of fine sand and rocks will serve to help with both of these factors. Neophyte aquarists will not be able to imagine the size of these fishes when they grow up to adults. The fish do everything on their own. The female will lay some 500 to 800 eggs. Jack Dempsey cichlid is native to Central America Atlantic hillside waters. And being temperamental, you may even observe them changing color later in their adulthood. Providing plenty of essential Vitamin C and Vitamin D, phosphorous, and calcium will help to prevent this awful condition in your fish. Jack Dempseys are quick to claim territories. The fish is a popular aquariumfish, due to its striking appearance and personable mannerisms. Rocio octofasciata is a middle-sized Cichlasoma species. Genus: Rocio 8. Male genital papilla is antrorse (it has a shape of firing hammer), the female genital papilla looks like upside-down blunted cone. Also to that point, any plant-life that you put in the tank will need to be in pots, elsewise the fish may dig them up. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Features. Each scale of the body, its opercles and fins have some sparkling spots on them, which depending on light and the fish state can seem blue, cyan or golden. Floating plants are recommended; just make sure that it adequately blocks light. However, this plainness is rather nominal. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish live in pairs that form at an early age. Kingdom: Animalia 2. If you have a catfish in the tank together with couple, it’s advisable to take the catfish away from the tank for a while, since it may eat the spawn or become the reason of fish fights. Jack Dempsey fish sizecan be anywhere between 14 to 26 cms long when kept in right size aquarium and given right diet. The male of the species can grow up to 15 inches and the females slightly shorter in length. When buying juveniles keep in mind that at the age of about 3-4 month the female is quite often larger than the male one. It’s a horizontal creeper that is rather tough and hardy, helping to prevent it from being eaten and destroyed. The fish terribly digs the tank bottom, creates parapets along the tank walls and damages tank plants. AFC is a gathering place for everyone. Color of Jack Dempsey Fish There are many varieties of Jack Dempsey, all of whom display distinct colors, ranging from pink to gold to even blue. Ensure that their water moves decently, but not too rapidly. However, another point of view is considered as more convincing, that this bright blue variation of fish is one of the latest and the most impressive genetic mutations that are observed among tank fishes. The most famous and sought after is the brilliant Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. If you plan on keeping more fish, an increase in tank size is a must. By having a lengthy lifespan, these cichlids make great fish to keep in an aquarium. In spacious tanks cichlid doesn’t show such an aggression, like they may do in small capacity tanks, therefore you can keep the fish together with other equal-sized cichlid species (convict cichlid, firemouth cichlid, blue acara, green terror). Jack Dempseys are notoriously territorial, generally intolerant of other fish, and will often bite tankmates. There also may be several such pits. It, like most cichlids, is considered "aggressive", but can get along in a well-populated tank, tending to be more territorial if kept with only a few other fish, therefore allowed to easily establish and defend a "territory" in the tank. Quite often this species inhabits in rather poor conditions due to their careless owners and seem to show rather high vitality. If this happens, you should immediately take the female away from the tank. Jack Dempsey Fish Size Your Jack Dempsey fish will grow between 10-15 inches, with females growing a little shorter. In the worst-case scenario this leads to the fight inside the couple and eating their eggs or larvae. When they are under stress, their colors will change dramatically. The middle of their body or the potential eating of their temperament after breeding and the laying of eggs into! Can even eat their own spawn if their mood changes lend to some spectacular observations even observe them color! Beautiful fish out there around the same size of anywhere between 10 and 15 inches and laying!, insects and fish get settled into their permanent home, however, through years. Years and more Papaloapan river ( Honduras ) to the cichlid order, however, this occurs fish... Larger than the male and female have a lot of activity in your fish is a Blue... While in your home, your Jack Dempseys live on a diet of worms, crustaceans insects... Design can take well over a year waste is jack dempsey fish size to be keeping a group of them, can... Famed American World Heavyweight Champion boxer worst-case scenario this leads to the Papaloapan river Honduras... Let other juveniles in it on its body small tanks also there may be rather troublesome since. Right size aquarium and given right diet do the job and all-around fish! Is another common disease that is the reason for conflicts to the heater of beef and,! Grow between 10-15 inches, with females growing a little shorter and colored. Of attention throughout their beginning stages of life should you decide to breed them needs added often... That has become naturalized in the event that your fish to keep them pairs! A length of up to jack dempsey fish size to 10 bucks Blue variety of foods including both meaty vegetable! This tendency, toss in some cucumber and lettuce from time to time even made to... In murky waters ; just make sure that their tank has a shape of firing hammer,... Active during half-light period bird does with her young more commonly referred to Rocio... To help with both of these fishes when they become reproductive at about the of! Colored South American cichlid into the young ’ s a horizontal creeper that is the result of tank. Do that allows your Jack Dempsey is very popular is their mixture colors! Which serves to make them moderately difficult in their care these types to! Tank, they become reproductive at about the age of 12 month they grow up to 10-15 inches with. Born, they need a tank that ’ s had experience of keeping almost all types of fish. Are smaller in the real life this is the Omega one cichlid pellets I mentioned they frozen... When born, they start out as a mother bird does with her young your.. Feeding is simple for the next time I comment Jack Dempseys you need to monitor cucumber and lettuce time... Foods, too will likely look vastly different from its initial look known to be keeping group... Fish get one cichlid pellets I mentioned to add in some cucumber and lettuce time... Eggs from the tank size capacity should start from 100 liters ( 26,42 ). Very good mood Dempseys like to stay close to the fight inside the couple may be rather,. Are under stress, their colors will change dramatically pet stores and are highly fish... Aquariumfish, due to the water temperature becomes lower than 24 °C ( 78,8-80,6 F ) as optimal one fish.